Gas Boosters

We service and provide maintenance for gas boosters. In order to ensure safe use of your gas booster, or any other gas equipment for that matter, it is absolutely critical to undergo maintenance on a regular basis.

Gas boosters are used to increase the supply pressure of gas when a higher pressure is required to supply a gas burner or modern equipment. Gas boosters must be installed or maintained in accordance with The Gas Act 1986 or Code of Practice IGEM/UP/2 Edition and with manufacturers instructions.

As the demand for energy increases, so does the need for natural gas and biogas to fuel offices, factories, hotels, and other establishments. Gas pressure is quite vital – If gas pressure is too low, modern equipment may not function correctly or may not function at all. The resultant loss of business can be devastating. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your gas boosters running as efficiently and safely as possible, which will in turn keep the equipment your boosters are supplying running smoothly.

Safety is a critical factor when working with gas. In line with this, it’s recommended that any gas equipment is annually inspected or serviced. Lack of or inadequate maintenance of gas booster units can lead to the catastrophic failure of the bearing and fan units.

The fan bearings and gas seals are of particular importance and, depending upon duty, the bearing assembly unit is replaced every 3-5 years and drive belts should be changed immediately if any damage or wear is found and otherwise on an annual basis. In addition to this, all pulley drive surfaces must also be kept clean.

Additional recommended annual servicing checks. All safety switches devices checked for correct safe operation. (Gas pressure Low inlet and outlet switches) Correct gas pressure is being maintained. It’s essential that you keep your gas boosters maintained and serviced on a regular basis (we recommend once annually at the very least).