Commercial Boiler Servicing and Maintenance

Your boiler and/or burner systems must be serviced and maintained on an annual basis to be used safely and effectively.

When it comes to the heating in your commercial property, you simply cannot afford to make a mistake. Keeping the temperature under control will keep your staff happy and your company operating smoothly and effectively.

Here at Boiler Burners, we are completely aware of how important heating is. We are the ideal crew to handle all of your servicing and maintenance needs because of our unmatched knowledge and experience in commercial heating.

Commercial Boiler Servicing And Repairs:

For Boiler Burners, no job is too big or too small! Our highly trained team of gas-safe registered engineers is fully capable of repairing all models of boiler, new and old.

All of the work we complete complies with and fully covers the most recent UK health and safety recommendations as well as the specifications set out by the manufacturers. We recognize how critical it is for your company to identify and address heating problems as quickly as possible. To minimize disturbance at your place of business, our crew is dedicated to completing the task in a comprehensive and timely manner. At Boiler Burners Ltd, we always put safety first, and when we operate on your commercial and industrial heating system, we guarantee complete compliance with all necessary regulations. Fully registered with Gas Safe, Boiler Burners Ltd

Annual Boiler Maintenance

It is important to keep the following tips and pointers in mind to ensure that your boiler is running efficiently. A boiler running below peak efficiency will not only cost you more to run but may well put your staff on-site at risk should disrepair set in.

1. Get your boiler serviced annually

One professional boiler maintenance visit every year will shield your company from a plethora of unwelcome issues. Your boiler will operate as effectively and safely as possible with the help of a professional Gas Safe engineer, who will also be able to identify any minor problems and address them before they become more serious. Your business will operate more efficiently and your heating expenditures will decrease.

2. Regularly check the boiler pressure insuring gas safety

Getting the pressure in your boiler set to the right amount is critical in making sure that the hot water in your pipes and radiators can circulate properly.

3. Bleed radiators at least once a year

If excess air gets the chance to build up inside your radiator, then small cold patches will develop and reduce the overall heat emitted. Bleeding your radiators once a year (at least) is the recommended course of action here, and doing it will help get your bills down and your heating back up in no time! If you can’t do it yourself then a trained engineer will be happy to step in.

4. Balance radiators

If, after bleeding your radiators, you notice that some are still cooler than others, then you may need to balance them. This procedure can be complicated, but it will considerably help you in maintaining even heat on your premises. By slightly adjusting the radiators so that the hottest are less hot, the cooler ones should warm up. For large premises, professional assistance is recommended.

5. Check for problems and/or issues with the radiators

Sometimes a radiator will get particularly hot at the top while staying cool on the bottom. This is typically the result of dirt and debris that has built up over time in the system and collected at the bottom of the radiator. We recommend you contact a trained engineer who can perform a power flush on the system. This will keep your heating bills down, and ensure your system runs smoothly.

6. Make sure boiler flame is blue

You should always see a strong blue flame in your boiler as it burns. If you see an orange or a yellow flame, then you could have a carbon monoxide leak and you will need to contact an engineer to fix it immediately.

7. Ensure boiler is well ventilated at all times

It is important to store your boiler in a large, well-ventilated space. Make sure that your boiler isn’t cluttered – check for objects and items such as coats that may have been placed on top. You can still keep your boiler in a cupboard as long as it has plenty of space – we recommend a minimum gap of 700mm between the boiler and the wall.

8. Examine external pipe for residue or dripping

If the external pipe (also known as the overflow pipe) on your boiler is dripping water, then the system itself may not be working properly. You will require a Gas Safe engineer to fix the pressure valve release on the boiler to get it running back up to speed.

9. Ensure that flue is accessible

It is now the law, as per the latest regulations, that the flue is visible. This is so that any cracks or lose joints can be spotted and fixed quickly before developing into larger problems for your system. A Gas Safe engineer can install an access panel if your flue is already in an inaccessible place such as the ceiling.

10. Never try to fix a boiler yourself!

Last but not least, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you should always call an engineer if your boiler is giving you trouble. We firmly advise you to avoid attempting boiler repairs on your own and to get in touch with a Gas Safe qualified expert right once to have your system professionally maintained and serviced. When your engineer arrives, check their Gas Safe ID. Keep in mind that gas appliances and pipes can be extremely dangerous if not maintained properly, as they may result in deadly fires, explosions, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Risks in Commercial Boiler Servicing and Maintenance, If Done By An Unprofessional

Maintaining the proper servicing and upkeeping of a commercial boiler is not something that can be done easily in-house on your own. It takes professional installers with having comprehensive understanding and information to conduct the survey to cover the installation needs. The best course of action for companies that need to install commercial boilers to meet their heating needs is to connect with and seek assistance from reputable commercial boiler service providers and commercial gas engineers.

Get It Done From Our gas safe registered engineers

If you require boiler installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance services in Guildford or London, contact Boiler Burner Services now. We can take care of all of your concerns and help you create and maintain a comfortable working environment, which will give you peace of mind while our gas-safe registered engineers look for any breakdown(if happened) and repair it while conducting necessary service maintenance

Why Choose Boiler Burner Services

Choose Boiler Burner Services to stay updated with all the newest technologies and trends in our field, we provide our staff with rigorous training. We take pride in establishing rapport and fostering trust with each of our clients. You may depend on our boiler services to provide you with high-quality service. Because we only hire highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, they can easily make use of the most up-to-date tools and methods for safe and precise commercial boiler installations, Gas boilers, and other heating systems in your area cover all the preventative maintenance, gas safety, and legal regulations

Our unit has the necessary training in a range of Gas Interlock Systems of commercial boilers servicing, so they can effectively carry out their duties to supply your heating needs. A boiler and its accessories are expertly installed by a licensed commercial gas engineer so that you can operate your work smoothly and safely.


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