Commercial Boiler And Pipework Installation

Do you wish to replace your current boiler as part of the construction of your new building or just update your old boiler by installing a new one? In either case, there are a few security factors to take into account when installing a boiler for your office building.

Understanding The Operation Of A Commercial Boiler

A commercial boiler is a pressurised system that uses electricity or combustible fuel to heat the water, of which the hot steam is further used to heat your office building. It is a pressure steamer machine from which the heated steam is distributed throughout the workspace and provides warmth.


Your commercial property heater or the boiler uses electric coils or burners to produce heat that is then transferred to radiating pipes. These Radiators disperse heat by using steam or hot water to deliver the required heat for keeping your building warm and cosy.

A commercial boiler is a great option for generating the heat that your company requires. To collide with the structure as a whole, your company’s boiler must operate effectively. An effective boiler maintains the warmth and comfort of the building without wasting energy.

If you want the commercial boiler that you bought for your business to function as intended and provide you with all of its benefits for many years, it must be installed properly and safely.

Make sure yours runs as efficiently as possible by doing the necessary measures!

The Boiler’s Installation Procedure

A boiler installation is an important procedure! Depending on whether you currently have one or not, the following are the best ways to install a boiler.

  • Before putting in a new boiler, the old one must be removed.
  • The fundamental procedure is to clean the area before using the device.
  • If necessary, the venting pipes may need to be repaired or changed.
  • The fitting of the boiler comes next, after which the appropriate accessories are installed.
  • The final step is registration before the boiler is handed off.

Installing a commercial boiler is not something that can be done easily on your own. It takes professional installers with comprehensive understanding and information to conduct the survey for covering the installation needs. The best course of action for companies that need to install commercial boilers is to connect with or seek assistance from reputable commercial boiler service providers and commercial gas engineers.

The Installation Services and Boiler maintenance

Commercial gas engineers collaborate with an authorized organization to offer their dependable services for the installation, maintenance, and potential future repairs of all types of commercial boilers.

We frequently have to rely on a boiler service professional to complete it, therefore it is advised to hire one from a professional service provider for the installation and other operations. However, in addition to the boiler’s purchase price, you as responsible customers must also take installation costs into account. In addition to relying on efficient commercial boiler service to complete the installation, using such services becomes cost-effective because they eliminate the need for any subsequent re-installation charges and the potentially explosive consequences of these boilers malfunctioning.

Installation Fees for Commercial Boilers

Due to their low operating costs and ecologically friendly operation, commercial boilers remain the best option. But the price of a commercial boiler is influenced by two variables: Size and Location. In addition to these considerations, other elements affect how much it costs to install these boilers. Which are

 1. How big is your commercial building?

The size of your property will affect your budget for the commercial boiler’s purchase and installation.

2. The location of the boiler room

The location of the boiler room will determine how much the expert will charge you.

If your boiler is situated in an accessible area, you’ll probably have to spend less.

In addition, choose an expert commercial gas engineer, who will not only install your commercial boiler correctly and securely by charging some nominal rates but also guarantee you its repair and maintenance of it. And always choose a top model boiler for your building.


Sometimes an entire plant room/boiler room redesign is not always needed. Insulating your pipework can improve your efficiency, and we can often replace existing plant room items or equipment to increase your efficiency by decreasing energy usage without major work being required. Maintaining your commercial heating, hot water system, and plant room equipment is more than just critical in terms of safety, it can also help save you money, increase efficiency and work towards improving the environment. We bring the best quality pipework product, installation, and maintenance. We understand the need for accurate pipework for your commercial building. With an experienced and licensed team of commercial engineers, we ensure you infallible services of pipework.

As a company in this growing age of meeting the new ERP regulations, we specialize in optimizing efficiency and cost.


The Energy Related Product (ERP) directive is designed to reduce carbon emissions across Europe. It is a similar initiative to those currently operating on white goods, TVs, and types. Since September 2015, the ERP has also been applied to domestic and commercial products.

The Importance of being ERP compliant

Since September 2015 the ERP directive has impacted boilers, water heaters, and hot water storage tanks. As a company, we are committed to ensuring that all products we install are compliant and that any heating professionals we may work alongside or contract work to understand all current ERP regulations.

Boiler and Burner Services

Boiler and Burner Services Ltd are super service providing specialists in boiler room maintenance and reconfigurations, with over two decades of experience. We are also able to conduct a complete fit-out of your plant room, to modifications and upgrades to existing plant rooms.

You should get in touch with Boiler Burner Services if you need any boiler installation or replacement services. Boiler & Burner Services Ltd offers high-quality Heating, Steam Process, and Water Quality Systems and has over 20 years of experience in commercial combustion with expertise in the commercial boiler installations business.

We offer engineers who adhere to safety regulations and produce the greatest results. You can contact us if you’re seeking a good boiler installation service.

We will also help you determine which boiler system is most compatible with your building and your business. We’ll install it professionally and answer any questions you have about it. No matter your boiler needs, we are here to provide exceptional service from start to finish.

Why Choose Boiler Burner Services

To stay current with all the newest technologies and trends in our field, we provide our staff with rigorous training. We take pride in establishing rapport and fostering trust with each of our clients. You can rely on our boiler services because we hire highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, who can easily make use of the most up-to-date tools and methods for safe and precise commercial boiler installations, Gas boilers, and other heating systems in your area.

Our unit has the necessary training in a range of Gas Interlock Systems of commercial boilers servicing, so they can effectively carry out their duties to supply your heating needs. A boiler and its accessories are expertly installed by a licensed commercial gas engineer so that you can operate your work smoothly and safely.

Our Personalised Boiler Installation Package Includes The Following Services

  • A Site Visit To Determine The Extent Of The Work
  • Engineering Design That Possesses The Necessary Certifications
  • Drawings And Designs With The Stamp Of A Qualified Professional Engineer
  • Project Manager In Charge Of Daily Operations
  • Testing And Implementation
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Domestic and Industrial premises friendly

If you require boiler installation, replacement, repairs, or maintenance services in Guildford, London, contact Boiler Burner Services now. We can take care of all of your concerns and help you create and maintain a comfortable working environment.


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