Boiler Installation And Pipework

Boiler and Burner Services Ltd are specialists in boiler room maintenance and reconfigurations, with over two decades of experience. We are also able to conduct a complete fit-out of your plant room, to modifications and upgrades to existing plant rooms.

Boiler Installation And Pipework

Maintaining your commercial heating, hot water system, and plant room equipment is more than just critical in terms of safety, it can also help save you money, increase efficiency and work towards improving the environment.

Sometimes an entire plant room/boiler room redesign is not always needed. Insulating your pipework can improve your efficiency, and we can often replace existing plant room items or equipment to increase your efficiency and decrease energy usage without major work being required. As a company in this growing age of meeting the new ERP regulations, we specialise in optimising efficiency and cost.


The Energy Related Product (ERP) directive is designed to reduce carbon emissions across Europe. It is a similar initiative to those currently operating on white goods, TV, and types. Since September 2015, the ERP has also applied to domestic and commercial products.

The Importance of being ERP compliant.

Since September 2015 the ERP directive has impacted boilers, water heaters and hot water storage tanks. As a company we are committed to ensuring that all products we install are compliant, and that any heating professionals we may work alongside or contract work to understand all current ERP regulations.