Central Heating Powerflush

Powerflush your entire heating system to remove the build up of rust and debris that happens over time within all heating systems!

£550*For up to 7 radiators

This is a great service to perform on central heating systems occasionally, perhaps every few years. Over time, central heating systems will become full of dirt, debris, and rust from radiators and pipework. With this service we perform a pressurized clean of your heating system, flushing out all of the detritus and ensuring your central heating stays in tip-top condition and works optimally and more efficiently. This service includes topping up again with an inhibitor and rebalancing of the heating system.

* Please note:
This covers up to 7 radiators, which is what we normally find in 3 bedroom homes. For more than 7 Radiators, each radiator will be charged at a rate of £45 each.