Bleeding and rebalancing radiators

Have all of your radiators bled and rebalanced by an expert so they work more effectively! Getting your radiators to come on and heat up together is an art.

£80*Starting from

If you have hot cold spots on some of your radiators or you are finding that some radiators get warm whilst others do not, then your radiator needs balancing. For example, if your radiator in the living room heats up quickly but the one in the bedroom takes forever, then your radiator requires balancing.

Don’t spend time struggling with your radiator to get this right. Our cost-effective service takes the pressure away from you and makes sure your radiator is working to their fullest and more effectively. We can spend time venting your heating system of air or carrying out full balancing of a heating system, this is actually carried out via your valves already fitted to the radiator. Insuring a more stable effective way of heating all radiators at the same speed. Keeping you warm quicker and saving some energy due to not waiting so long for a room to heat up.

* Please note:
This price is based on a standard 3-4 bedroom property or further charges may apply.
For locations outside of the M25 area £80
For locations inside of the M25 area £110