Commercial Gas Engineers in London

Need a gas engineer in London that can service all of your gas appliances? Look no further than Boiler Burner Services Ltd. We have the experience, expertise, and wide knowledge to give our customers a full selection of gas services, whether gas fireplaces, hobs, boilers, or cookers. Personal attention complements our knowledge that only a reputable firm like ours can deliver.

We specialize in installing and maintaining commercial gas heating systems, pipework, and gas lines. Boiler burners have the skills and qualifications to meet your needs, from small office systems to huge industrial gas systems. We have a team of highly qualified gas engineers in London that go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the services provided. Our experts can help you install, replace, or upgrade a combi boiler or heating system. Our gas engineers work hard on every job, no matter how big or small it may be. We deal with various residential and commercial clients and aim to relieve homeowners, businesses, and industries of the burden of resolving any issues that arise.

Why Choose Certified Experts?

When dealing with something as volatile as natural gas, you need to know your business premises are in competent hands. Safe hands, not just nice hands. Boiler burner services ensure the safety of your facility, its users, and the gas-powered equipment inside it by utilising only the best commercial gas engineers who are highly trained, incredibly talented, and Gas Safe Registered. To provide you with the finest service possible and to protect the safety of your employees or renters, we adhere to industry standards IGE/UP/1.

We continually examine and test to verify the safety of the gas pipe and any systems linked to it, whether doing an annual test on a gas appliance, during a full system gas installation or examining gas piping for leaks.

Commercial Gas Engineers in London

As Gas Safe Registered Engineers, we do yearly inspections on all gas appliances, including commercial boilers, heating systems, and kitchen appliances, as well as smaller systems for residential rental premises, as required by law. We can deliver this as a one-time service for your commercial business premises or home rental property. We can also provide a contractual service. Our hired services guarantee that your gas safety checks are carried out yearly. Contact your residents to make an appointment or communicate with commercial sites directly to ensure access so you don’t have to be present.

We offer design services for installation, maintenance, refurbishing, and system modification elements. Meeting ERP requirements (energy-related products) is becoming increasingly crucial, and as a contemporary, cutting-edge organisation, we specialise in maximising efficiency and cost. We directly employ ACS-trained and OFTEC-registered engineers, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality service at all times.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of highly skilled and well-trained gas and oil engineers for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. We strive to provide the highest quality and excellence in our work. Our certified engineers are the best at giving standard services in the following things :


We recognize that a business boiler and heating system differ from a household product. Our highly educated staff can assist you in analysing your company’s needs and installing a commercial boiler system appropriate for you and your commercial property. 

Our clientele includes schools, nursing homes, workplaces, train stations, and retail stores. We also deal with private landlords and provide maintenance programs for hundreds of houses around London.

We provide a complete planning service, from site evaluation, sourcing, and installation to maintenance, servicing, and emergency call-outs. Suppose your commercial or industrial property’s heating system needs to be upgraded. In that case, our engineers can work with you or your facilities management team to pick the best commercial boiler system for your needs. 

Our boiler installation service ensures that your boiler is replaced quickly, efficiently, and safely. All of our boiler professionals adhere to regulatory regulations and do all essential testing to guarantee the safety of your property and any inhabitants or workers.

Gas Purging And Tightness Testing:

Hazardous, flammable gases can be safely eliminated by pumping inert gases into a gas line and mixing them with the natural gas already there. This purging technique is essential before decommissioning any gas lines to make them safe for removal. It is also critical that new gas lines be purged before use to guarantee the right mix and rate from the start, which can lead to appliance failure at best and explosive gas igniting within the pipeline at worst.

New gas pipes must be tested for tightness before being utilised to avoid gas leaks and ensure safe operation. We offer a comprehensive commercial gas testing service to check that your business property complies with safety laws and that your insurance is valid.

Installations and Pipework: Boiler and Burner Services Ltd.

Has over two decades of expertise in boiler room maintenance and reconfigurations. We can also execute a complete fit-out of your plant room and modify and update existing plant rooms.

Maintaining your business heating, hot water system, and plant room equipment is important for safety; it can also save money, boost efficiency, and benefit the environment.

As a firm, we are dedicated to ensuring that any items we install are compliant and that any heating specialists with whom we may collaborate or contract work are aware of all current ERP rules.

Gas Boosters:

We repair and maintain gas boosters. When higher pressure is needed to supply a gas burner or other contemporary equipment, gas boosters are utilised to raise the supply pressure of the gas. To guarantee the safe operation of your gas booster or any other gas equipment for that matter, frequent maintenance is required. 

Forced-Draught Burners:

We service and maintain forced-draught burners. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your forced-draught burner runs safely and efficiently. Forced draught burners can manage the combustion of all gaseous fuels (such as methane, LPG, and town gas) and liquid fuels (diesel oil, heavy oil). A more important aspect is that the appliance and accompanying equipment are properly designed, specified, installed, and commissioned for the application.

Service and Maintenance:

A large element of providing a commercial facility for employment, education, or social care is making it a pleasant place to spend time. A suitable temperature within the facility is essential for this. You must schedule regular servicing and maintenance to guarantee the safe and effective operation of your boiler and/or burner systems. At Boiler Burners, we understand the value of heating. Our experience and skill in commercial heating are unparalleled, making us the ideal team to handle all your service and maintenance needs. We offer a full range of commercial heating system services. Our highly qualified and experienced crew is completely capable of fixing all boiler types, both new and old. We can offer advice and help with selecting and installing commercial heating systems.

Importance Of Getting The Work Done Right, By A Commercial Gas Engineer.

Last but not least, never try to fix your boiler by yourself. Boilers are heavy and complicated machines. They can cause explosions or gaseous damage. Avoid fighting with your boiler. Be wise and hire COMMERCIAL GAS ENGINEERS to maintain your boiler and burner in a qualified and safe manner. Your safety is more valuable than your money. We understand the basic needs of your work. Therefore we have committed ourselves to providing you with the finest services.

Boiler Burner Engineers 

BOILER BURNER SERVICES LTD provides the best heating, steam process, and water- quality- system services. Our firm has been working with an experience of two decades in commercial gas services. Our COMMERCIAL GAS ENGINEERS provide installation, maintenance, and Repairs of boilers and Burners. Our services are affordable and time efficient. Employees in Boilers burner services are ACS qualified and OFTEC registered. Our company is Gas Safe Registered, so your safety is in good hands.

We are extremely experienced and certified to operate with gas safely and legally. Hiring a GasSafe qualified engineer safeguards yourself and your family against improperly installed, repaired, and serviced gas appliances. Boiler and Burner Services Ltd is Gas Safe and OFTEC accredited, and we deliver the highest quality and standards. We have extensive expertise in the goods we utilise, having spent many years working directly for gas and oil burner manufacturers.

If you want to install a new boiler or want to repair your old one, contact BOILER BURNER SERVICES for the finest and most economical services.

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