Boiler Burner Services in Guildford

Service and Maintenance

Making a commercial space welcoming with facilities like warming up is necessary to offer a cosy and relaxing environment for your employees, education, or social care. If you want your boiler and burner systems to operate safely and effectively, you must plan for routine servicing and maintenance. Boiler Burners understand how essential heating is. We are the perfect group to handle your repair and maintenance requirements because of our unmatched knowledge and expertise in commercial heating.

Boiler Burner Services in Guildford

We provide a comprehensive range of heating system services for businesses. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable crew can quickly repair any type of boiler, both new and old. We also provide guidance, awareness, and future support on the selection and setup of commercial heating systems.

Boiler & Burner Services Ltd has provided high-quality Heating, Process, and Water Quality Systems for over two decades. They have an excellent knowledge of the products they use – with many years of experience working directly for gas & oil burner manufacturers.

The service provided extends to all design aspects, including Installation, maintenance, refurbishment, and system alteration. As a modern, cutting-edge company, they specialise in optimising efficiency and cost and meeting ERP regulations (Energy Related Product)

Services Provided By A Commercial Gas Engineer

Each of our commercial gas engineers is trained enough and is experienced to provide you with a wide range of specialised services to meet any issues with commercial and domestic boiler systems.


Gas Boilers

Central heating systems use various fuels to burn – most commonly natural gas (on a grid), bulk oil, or LPG. This fuel is then burned in the boiler’s combustion chamber. Typically it’s done by the burner fitted onto the boiler. The heat then warms the water in the heat exchanger to around 70°C domestically (commercial and industrial boilers operate at higher temperatures). Then this heated water is pumped around the property through pipes and radiators to heat space, and it can also be pumped directly to taps or showers.

Single-Pass Fire Tube

These boilers are found in older establishments, dry cleaners, or factories where clothes are manufactured. They are typically used for creating the steam required for ironing processes. Single-pass fire tube hot water boilers are found in many other buildings such as schools, office buildings, hospitals, universities, libraries, and other facilities. They represent older boiler types with a single set of fire tubes, where the burner fires into the tubes at one end and gas combustion products exhaust to the flue at the other end. Heat transfer to water is not very efficient. 

Multi-Pass Fire Tube: the fire, or hot flue gas from the burner, is channelled through tubes, surrounded by the fluid to be heated. The boiler’s body is the pressure vessel and contains the fluid. This fluid is the water that will be circulated for heating purposes or converted to steam for process use. These boilers too are found in office buildings, universities, hospitals, schools, and other similar facilities. 

Condensing Boilers: an efficient water heater fuelled by oil or gas. A high-efficiency level is achieved through condensing water vapour in the heat exchanger and exhaust gases!

The absence of an effective maintenance regime causes a significant drop in the efficiency of a boiler or even leads to a breakdown. It is recommended that your boiler is serviced a minimum of once a year.

When natural gas burns without enough oxygen, it burns yellow, which creates a dangerous toxic gas called carbon monoxide, which is lethal if inhaled for long periods. However, provided you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector and a regularly serviced boiler, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Forced Draught Burners:

In it, the fuel and oxidising agent required to create the necessary combustion reaction don’t combine until they enter the burner head, where they are mixed. These are capable of controlling the combustion of all gaseous fuels and liquid fuels.

They can also be classified according to the type of construction : 

  • Monobloc burners: essential components include the fan and pump, forming a single body within the burner.
  • Separate fired burners or DUAL BLOC: the fan, pump, and/or other parts of the burner are separate from the main body and are used for special industrial processes.

They can also be classified depending on output delivery type : 

  • Single-stage burners
  •  Multi-stage burners
  • Modulating burners

There’s a huge loss in efficiency from forced draught burners for the maintenance of higher stack temperatures to prevent condensation from forming inside a boiler that is not designed to dispose of it

Gas Boosters

They are used to increase the pressure supply of gas when higher pressure is required to supply a gas burner or modern equipment. The Gas boosters must be installed or maintained following The Gas Act 1986 or Code of Practice IGEM/UP/2 Edition and with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your gas boosters running as efficiently and safely as possible. If the maintenance of gas booster units is not carried out, it can lead to catastrophic failure of the bearing and fan units. The gas boosters must be maintained and serviced regularly (at least once annually is recommended).

Gas Purging And Tightness Testing

A gas tightness test ensures that the commercial or industrial gas pipework is safe for use or continued use and doesn’t cause a hazard or unsafe situation0. If any new gas pipework installation or extension has been made to existing gas pipework, then this will require purge and tightness testing. 

These tests are carried out to ensure that commercial gas installation pipework is maintained in a safe condition, as set out in The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998. It’s recommended that all gas installation pipework be inspected and tested on an annual basis,

Strength Testing is carried out only when any new commercial or industrial gas pipework installations or extensions to existing commercial gas pipework installations have been made.

As a company, they provide the complete package of works: from pipework installation and correct pipework sizing to any appliance connection and commissioning. 

Their commercial gas engineers are experienced and fully knowledgeable about the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998, which enables them to give the best advice on ensuring that the gas installation is gas-safe compliant and meets all current regulations.

Installation And Pipework

They specialise in boiler room maintenance and reconfigurations. They’re also able to conduct a complete fit-out of your plant room and modify and upgrade existing plant rooms.

They ensure that all products installed are ERR compliant and that any heating professionals working alongside or on contract work understand all current ERP regulations. The Energy Related Product (ERP) directive is to reduce carbon emissions across Europe.

Service And Maintenance

To keep your business running smoothly and efficiently, you need to ensure that the temperatures are controlled and the employees are comfortable.

Regular service and maintenance are crucial to ensure the safe and efficient use of boiler and/or burner systems.

All the work is done in full accordance with the latest UK health and safety advice. It is also conducted per the manufacturers’ requirements. 

Why Should You Get In Touch With Boiler Burner Services When Commercial Gas Engineers Are Needed?

Boiler and Burner Services Ltd is Gas Safe registered, which ensures that the engineers on the register are operating safely by carefully monitoring and inspecting the gas work they have carried out. 

They are OFTEC registered, which means that they follow a set of procedures that are designed to ensure that all aspects of your heating system are checked and maintained under industry and manufacturers’ approved standards.

They provide the highest quality and standards across all the work they do.

They directly employ ACS-qualified and OFTEC-registered engineers so their clients can be sure that the best possible standard of work is being carried out at all times.

They deliver rapid response and 24-hour emergency call-out service

They also offer a flexible range of finance packages to help spread the cost of the projects and provide free help and advice.

You can rely on BOILER BURNER SERVICES LTD to provide the best heating, steam process, and water-quality system services.

Our COMMERCIAL GAS ENGINEERS handle the Installation, upkeep, and repairs for boilers and burners.   

Risks In Commercial Boiler Servicing And Maintenance, If Done By An Unprofessional

Maintaining the proper servicing and upkeeping of a commercial boiler is not something that can be done easily in-house on your own. It takes professional installers with having comprehensive understanding and information to conduct the survey to cover the installation needs. The best course of action for companies that need to install commercial boilers to meet their heating needs is to connect with and seek assistance from reputable commercial boiler service providers and commercial gas engineers.

Our Dedicated Approach To Work

Our services are prompt and fairly priced. Employees of Boilers Burner Services are OFTEC registered, and ACS certified. Because our business is Gas Safe Registered, your safety is in very capable hands. Choose Boiler Burner Services to stay updated with all the newest technologies and trends in our field, and we provide our staff with rigorous training.

We take pride in establishing rapport and fostering trust with each of our clients. You may depend on our boiler services to provide you with high-quality service. Because we only hire highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers, they can easily make use of the most up-to-date tools and methods for safe and precise commercial boiler installations. Gas boilers and other heating systems in your area cover all the preventative maintenance, gas safety, and legal regulations.

Our unit has the necessary training in a range of Gas Interlock Systems of commercial boilers servicing, so they can effectively carry out their duties to supply your heating needs. A boiler and its accessories are expertly installed by a licensed commercial gas engineer so that you can operate your work smoothly and safely.

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