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With over two decades of experience in commercial combustion, Boiler & Burner Services Ltd provide high quality Heating, Steam Process and Water Quality Systems.


BOILER BURNER SERVICES LTD provides you with the best heating, steam process, and water- quality- system services. Our firm has been working with an experience of two decades in commercial gas services. Our COMMERCIAL GAS ENGINEERS provide installation, maintenance, and Repairs of boilers and Burners. Our services are affordable and time efficient. Employees in Boilers burner services are ACS qualified and OFTEC registered. Our company is Gas Safe Registered, so your safety is in good hands.

What is Gas Safe Registered?

Gas Safe Register is a list of certified engineers who are allowed to work on gas appliances. The Gas Safe Register was introduced to save the public from unsafe gas work. 

What is ACS, And why is it important for commercial gas engineers?

ASC stands for Accredited Certification Scheme. It is a necessary route for every gas operator to be Gas Safe Registered. Without the ASC course, workers are not allowed to work as Commercial gas engineers in the UK.

Boilers and burners are high-powered machines. They need proper care and repairs over time. A faulty Boiler can be dangerous to your premise and employees. These heavy machines are complicated. Only an experienced and qualified engineer is valid to deal with these boilers. Other gas and oil equipment like Forced Draught burners, Gas Boosters, and gas pipework could be highly destructive if not used with proper instructions. 

People tend to repair minor gas issues on their own. But it can be more dangerous in most cases. Our expert gas engineers are infallible in this field. So instead of risking your safety, let the certified commercial gas engineers of Boiler Burner Services do the work in a safe and eco-friendly way. We provide our services all across London and Guild ford. 

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    Forced Draught Burners

    A forced Draught Burner is different from a natural burner. The fuel and gases do not mix up until they enter the burner head. This process makes the burner pre-heated and allows it to have greater control. Therefore it releases more pressure and energy. Forced draught burners can be classified into two categories MONOBLOC and DUALBLOC. In Monobloc, burners, fans, pumps, and other components are in a single body. But in the Dualbloc burner, these components are separated from each other. All the parts work from different chambers. 

    Why should you choose a Forced Draught burner over Premixed Burner?

    The fuel and air in this burner come pre-heated. So when they mix, the power of the burner increases. It makes the burner more efficient than others. Forced Draught Burner is cost-effective as it uses pre-heated fuel and air. 

    Boiler Burner Services provide the best quality Forced Draught Burners, their Instalment, and repair. Our services are time efficient and economical. You will never have to worry about maintenance and repairs, as we will be managing your burner with honesty. Our commercial gas engineers are hardworking and loyal to their work, and they will serve you the best services.

    Gas Boosters

    Gas boosters are used for increasing the pressure of gas whenever required. Gas boosters are becoming an essential part of every establishment. Industries are using modern technologies. These machines require a high supply of gas pressure. If the pressure is low, these modern machines will not function well or will not work at all. Gas Boosters are a valuable part of your building's environment and work with high pressure. While dealing with the gas booster, you should take care of the efficient functioning of the equipment. 

    Besides maintenance and repair, safety is the most important factor when working with gas. Gas Boosters are highly reactive. These machines are highly reactive and can cause poisonous gas leakage. The worst cases include the explosion of the whole setup. Gas boosters must be inspected once a year, and the bearing of the gas booster must be changed within five years. The Best way to ensure the safety of your gas equipment is to hire a professional gas-safe certified engineer. 

    When should you repair a Gas Booster-

    You must hire a professional to inspect your gas booster. The Booster's bearings or the Booster must be changed after five years. A gas booster should be away from the wall. If the pipes or wiring are not working correctly, call a gas engineer to repair it.

    Gas Purging and Tightness Test

    Purging - Gas purging is a process that offers you better control over the gases you are using in your boilers. Gas purging is a necessary step before each heating system startup. We provide you with both the purge-in and purge-out services. Purging out the excessive gas from a boiler is required so the water can flow smoothly. Purging out the combustion gas mixture allows the Boiler to function well. Purging it is also essential for boilers. Purge-in is used to add some inevitable components to the fuel. This process increases the efficiency of your Boiler so you can work comfortably in your office area.

    Tightness Test - A Tightness Test is carried out to check whether the system is safe. Every newly installed equipment must undergo a tightness test for safety purposes. If your Boiler or burner fails the tightness test, you should work on them again. The tightness test ensures the safety and efficiency of your Boiler. If your Boiler is not gas-tight, your gas might leak. It will decrease the efficiency of your Boiler. Tightness tests are not supposed to be carried out in routine, but you have to test your Boiler at least once a year. We recommend this tightness should be conducted by a gas-safe registered commercial engineer.

    All the engineers of Boiler Burner Services are gas safe registered, and ACS certified. Our engineers are well trained and experienced. They are always eager to serve their best. Our crew takes pride in the work, and we put our customers in the first position. We are the number one Commercial gas provider in the Uk. Our certified Commercial Gas Engineers provide you with the best Gas purging and tightness tests. So you can rely upon us for the safety of your boilers.

    Installation and Pipework

    Boiler Burner service has been working for two decades in this field. Our employees are ACS certified. We know that the products in the commercial area should be of the best quality and long-lasting. The products we sell are anchored and affordable. Our installation services are time efficient. As a growing company, we are meeting the new ERP regulations. We are devoted to making our services time and money efficient along with the best quality products. We know our products very well, and we provide you with a guarantee of routine maintenance. 

    What is ERP?

    ERP stands for Energy Related Products. It is an initiative to decrease carbon emissions across Europe. It applies to commercial appliances. Our workers understand all the ERP regulations, and the products we install are ERP compliant.

    Pipework: Our Pipework has been non-destructive for a long time. Our pipes are leakage-proof and gas-tight. We run gas tightness tests to ensure the safety of your equipment. As we know, pipes are the main components of your boiler system. The safety and efficiency of your Boiler depend upon the quality of your pipes. If the pipes are not insulated properly, it will reduce the output. 

    An idle boiler must give greater output by using less energy. But if there is any gas leakage in your pipework, the Boiler's efficiency may decrease. Suitable pipework increases your efficiency and reduces energy usage. We serve you with the best pipework service at a fair price for your money. So contact us for the best pipework in the UK.

    Service And Maintenance

    The service and maintenance of any equipment are an inevitable part of the process. You can't leave your commercial Boiler without inspecting it for a long time. You should maintain your Boiler's condition regularly. You should call an expert to service your Boiler on an annual basis. After the installation of boilers, people ignore the maintenance process, which can cause issues in the long run. 

    This mistake cost them a loss of efficiency. Heating is the backbone of an office, warehouse or commercial premises. Without proper heating conditions, your employees will lack focus in their work. We understand that the heating issues must be resolved in a minimum time. Our fast-moving world can't wait long enough for a boiler's repair. 

    Therefore we provide you with the fastest and most accurate service and maintenance of your boiler system. We ensure the life safety of your system without any overpriced agreement. 

    Here are some tips you should use to avoid malfunctioning of your boiler system:

    1. Install the industrial Boiler in a clean and ventilated room- Installations will vary in length, and completion may require a revisit. The room should have enough space for maintenance.
    2. Service your Boiler yearly- You should hire a gas engineer to service your Boiler and burner system.
    3. Conduct purge and tightness tests- Make sure to purge the Boiler and burner at least once a year. Also, test your Boiler for tightness.
    4. Bleed the radiator- When running the Boiler for the first time, allow it to run for a specific time to release the air trapped inside.
    5. Analyze the pressure- Check for the pressure of the Boiler. You can check the pressure of the Boiler on the pressure gauge. Make sure that the force is meeting the levels recommended by the manufacturer.
    6. Check the Pipes- Check your pipes for gas leakage to prevent efficiency loss. Also, check your pipes for insulation.
    7. Make some space for your Boiler- Boilers should be placed in the ventilation for proper space around them. Make your boiler room clutter-free.

    Last but not least, never try to fix your Boiler by yourself. Industrial Boilers are heavy mechanical machines with many moving parts. They can cause explosions or gaseous damage.

    Be wise and hire COMMERCIAL GAS ENGINEERS to maintain your Boiler and burner in a qualified and safe manner.

    Use our services. We understand the intricacies of our commercial gas work, and we have committed ourselves to provide you with the most refined commercial gas engineering and heating services. We have state-of-the-art vans to carry out the work and the industry knowledge and skills needed when undertaking a range of client jobs.

    If you want to install a new commercial boiler or repair your old one, contact BOILER BURNER SERVICES for the most professional services in Hampshire, Surrey, and London.

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